i love seeing friends and me and colleen bought the same exact things when we went shopping, it was cute and im so ready to go home what the heck

i have one thing i wanted my roommate to do and its turn the lights off because i can not sleep with lights on but nah she leaving them on like kaela please also a boy fell asleep on our floor and her bed it was cute but go back to your room please and thank you

im so excited to go home and i already have 2 assignments due on friday but im so excited to go home

kaela doesnt get taking naps but they are my whole life 

I’m trying to read a book and my roommate keeps talking to me um I actually need to read this like uhhh

i miss jack and im mad at him for not snapchatting me today 

Hopefully I won’t have to be momlanie all the time ya know like I had to chill Kaela out because she so drunk but wants to take dabs like girl no but I’m glad I’m there to stop her from mistakes she might need to make but I don’t want her too

my roommate talks a lot and i sorta zone her out because im on the computer and what not like i feel bad about it but you are talking so much about this stuff i dont really care about ya know

My constant fear of being late has carried on to college and I’m afraid I’m in the wrong room all the time

called the boy when i was a little tipsy and i miss him a little and still hate him for not telling me why he is in trouble with the law what the hell

also i havent made any friends my age just older people