Getting a job and loosing weight at the same time??? How did this even happen to me they go hand and hand I’m going to be buff again maybe

sent a big girl email for a possible job even though i suck at gymnastics now and know nothing

i woke up at 3 am today because i think i had a bad dream and i had to watch funny shows so i wasnt scared anymore but now thinking back on it i cant tell if that was my dream or not like did i really wake up at 3 and go back to sleep i have no idea

did my mom just get me a job???? 

My dad just told me I need to get on the pill before college because I’m an adult and do no need a kid which like true minus the adult part

My friend told the biggest lie, love is dead, my dads a butt, multiple seniors in high school don’t know how to write a thesis statement, I got sat next to a gross boy, and the oil change place was closed so I will go yet another day killing my car

Noooo dm boy followed me how did he find me this isn’t okay no

I like it

I like it