kaela rips people off and charges them too much money for like resold adderall and it makes me so uncomfortable that she okay with that and its not even just with drugs but with anything that cost money like she doesnt even need money tbh she doesnt know the struggle of having 2 dollars in your bank account, its weird how she doesnt show kindness to anyone but expects people to show her a lot of kindness, like buy her food, give her cheap prices, etc. like when ever she has bought something for me (its prob happened twice) she was like okay you can pay me back but when i buy her shit i never ask to be paid back because its like idk i wasnt raised like that


I had a dream that Mels and josh and I were in Richmond and Mels did cocain and she had a bunch on her collar bone just chillin there
And like her eyes were all wide and she was all happy and shit and had a sandwich bag filled with it and tbh it was kinda scary

that sounds so scary omg nooo

People reblogging a personal post I made about jack um no stop
Not a relatable personal post, do not reblog please stop

jack has the best room to fall asleep in like theres no light and your eyes never adjust because its that dark and i hope i get to listen to whale noises with him and fall asleep there for like possibly forever

i hate myself

kaela thinks its weird i go home so often but like i have more to go home to than her, i still have a lot of my life there and richmond isnt my permanent home and prob never will be, i still feel like this is summer camp tbh

having an extra day home is terrible because i just want to stay longer and never leave 

how do i tell my boyfriend that we hangout with his dumb friends too much 

im done with kaela coming back high as shit and talking for like an hour like girl im checked out for the night, it is not talking time i dont actually care what happened when you went out tbh

*thinks about calling my mom and starts tearing up*

im seeing her tomorrow but i want to talk to her now and im probably going to tell her about going home because what is she going to do tbh