i feel like such a grandma because im so over partying and drinking like i don’t really want to do it ever and everyone else is like yes everyday party but i want to stay in and sleep forever

kaela still talks about taking ap classes and im just like…. okay awesome i took one but here we are together so idc sorry 

i got too drunk on friday and slept on the bathroom floor and apparently jack waited outside the bathroom for like an hour which is cute and then we boned this morning about how we both hate despicable me, it was just so nice cuddling and i hate touching but i didnt mind and enjoyed it (?? who am i) and it was just super cute and he was really nice and then he was like “oh did i cry last night? because i felt like crying” and just baby no aw im going to miss him even though im probably coming home next weekend too but i need to do shit and not just hangout with him for the whole weekend even though i enjoy that i get nothing done

i do not want write this essay, i want to sleep and miss jack 

I look so annoyed in this picture it is so funny

I look so annoyed in this picture it is so funny

Woke up with this nice scratch on my face

Woke up with this nice scratch on my face

i feel like i have my life together right now (not together together but im better then i was last year) and im doing well in school but everyone keeps telling me im not and its v annoying because im doing well and just why does everyone think im fucking up

Kaela keeps calling everyone at back in nova immature and saying she feels more mature but like??? ?? Girl it’s been a month and you’re the same, you’re not anymore mature than anyone at nova what are you talking about

my ra came into my room crying and i didnt know what to do so i let her cry and vent and im terrible with words so i dont think i helped much but i tried 

this is the second person to come to me crying and im just good at listing like if you want a person to just confirm “yes that sucks” then im your girl because i dont have much advise to give

These pictures make me so happy because Colleen ended up taking videos instead of pictures so jack wanted to screenshot me laughing at him and I’m just, who am I, I like this boy so much and I’ve never wanted to sit around with a person more than him and he was like my first real crush and now I get to date him what the hell how did that happen. I’m so lucky and I wish I didn’t try to deny my feelings and admitted to myself I liked him in like February but liking people was so weird to me so I was just like nah and he liked me the whole time oh my god but I’m still eh about that because I know he liked someone else which hurts my feelings ngl and I’m super insecure about it because they had sex and we haven’t even freaking made out yet