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I wish we were roommates

i know, me too

kaela uses so much space, i have one drawer in the desk, the rest is all her stuff like girl why are you bringing all of this with you, you do not need to keep socks or keep random shit in drawers 

*eats one meal a day* college 

how do i tell kaela to stop doing acid so often and that she should not make this an all the time thing because its concerning 

she went to someones house. shes fine but like thanks for the info i thought you were alone dying but good to know youre safe

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Just text her sayig “you okay?”

yeah i texted and called her and she didnt answer like richmond is not safe at night and its almost 9

i dont want to be super annoying but my roommate said she’d start heading back to the dorm an hour ago and she not back yet like its not weird to call her because she my friend but i also dont want to freakout over nothing

is sad im away from jack but not as sad because we’re doing long distance cause we’re dumb 

its so cute that jacks parents like me even though im really awkward and quite around them but his mom was like why dont you guys try long distance and aw 

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When did you break up? What?

when i left, but it wasnt like a real breakup idk